Avoiding the Pitfalls of Marriage


Separated But Living Together

Although many couples have eschewed marriage, they still want to live together. This is fine as long as the relationship goes well. One of the pitfalls couples do not realize is that they have many investments together when their relationship lasts for years. This leads to the need to legal assistance when the relationship dissolves. In some cases, the results are as painful as if the couple had been married. Worst of all is the lack of law to support claims to mutually acquired property.

There are many laws that help married couples while they are going through a divorce. The same laws do not always apply to unmarried couples in a long term living arrangement. Spousal support is one of the major claims many married people are allowed. This is generally not true of an unmarried couple. While it is good for a partner that worked during the relationship, it is bad for the person that stayed home and kept the house running.