Avoiding the Pitfalls of Marriage


Getting Past Divorce

Modern couples are no longer tied to their marriages. If the relationship is not working, they choose divorce rather than staying with their partner. In many cases this has been justified in the past and the present. If a person is married to an alcoholic, staying is only an option today if the person is willing to get help with their disease. In the past, the alcoholic would have continued drinking. Their partner would have bent to the pressure of society and stayed in the marriage no matter how bad things went.

Many people, raised with parents in an emotionless marriage, have begun to look at marriage in a very different light. They no longer see it as a way to get through life. They have higher expectations that have been reinforced by modern media. Once their marriage is in trouble, a couple gives it a chance to recover through counseling. If there is no change within a few months to a year, the couple generally opts for divorce.

Getting past divorce is usually difficult for at least one partner. They are angry, hurt and sometimes bewildered as to why their marriage did not work. For them, dating is out of the question. They have too little self-esteem to even think about meeting someone new and exposing themselves to scrutiny. For them, an escort agency is the perfect place to find companionship.

While dating is out of the question, escorts are a safe way to learn how to have companionship again. These are people that make their living by being companionable. They take pride in being able to satisfy their customer's needs. An independent escort is also an option for the newly divorced. While they may be more difficult to find, they are good companions that will help ease the hurt of a broken marriage.